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Track Title: Paint It Black

Artist: Rolling Stones

Album: Billboard Hot 100 Singles 1966


The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black

That’s the beauty of being a girl in high-school: people hear you had sex once and BAM - you’re a bimbo.

purify-the-colours said: i think carrie RT’d that because she has a history with lindsey and she felt a bit victimised. obv no excuse though. it was blown out of proportion from both sides, i think. anyway. i think lex is queen of the internet.

Yeah I didn’t get it was the whole Carrie/Lindsey thing at first, out of context it just looked awful. I agree, which is why I started unfollowing stuff because it just kept coming up on my feeds. But yeah, it was an unnecessary mess but Lex is awesome :) haha

i totally agree that carrie came off badly but i thought that lindsey was very aggressive and came off probably worse than carrie. what lindsey was saying was right but she was so dismissive of how carrie was trying to explain herself.

Yes I agree. What Lindsey was saying was very valid but I think expressing yourself via writing (i.e. twitter/tumblr) means your actual feelings are difficult to understand, if that makes sense? So it sounded so harsh, even if it wasn’t intentional? (I mean, she could have meant to be aggressive, I don’t know) It’s is probably why she got just as much abuse? I felt like it was unnecessary for other people to weigh in, but I suppose a public forum was easier to use. From what I’ve read, there are personal issues involved in this. It’s not really our business, I suppose, I just think the whole thing could have been handled a lot better and in a more mature way. I think seeing Carrie retweet that thing about people just looking for an argument disappointed me greatly because it felt like she was just dismissing everything. But that’s just me.

EDIT: purify-the-colours said: though to be honest, it’s all ridiculous. i have so much respect for lex. carrie and lindsey’s constant arguing on twitter is just ridiculous

Twitter is not the place for personal issues. It’s just a flawed medium for expressing yourself articulately. Especially if you’re in the public eye.


My friend snap chatting the louvre.

The 401 Show faff from yesterday is still on my mind.

I think the whole discussion on Twitter was poorly handled (i.e. the “some people just want an argument” retweet that Carrie deleted, the comments from her mother) and made Carrie come off badly. Hence the abuse. Which was ridiculous, because the initial tweets from Lex etc. weren’t nasty in any way, just pointing out fault. Yes, it’s good she apologised, but I hope Carrie can learn from this because it snowballed unnecessarily and upset a lot of people (including herself). I know it’s hard to admit you’re wrong, but sometimes it just makes life easier. As much as it is nice to rely on fans who support you, they’re not always going to remain impartial with their advice.
Also I hope fans on both sides would just calm down because having access to the internet does not give you a right to send abusive messages. You might see youtubers as famous people, but they are just people. They make mistakes just like you. However, in the light of this, I have unfollowed/unsubscribed. Because I’m getting to that stage where I don’t have time for this. I have things to be doing and spending my time reading stuff like this on my Twitter/Tumblr/Youtube is not one of them. The last  month or so has just proved to me what a mess the internet can be and what it can cause. My thoughts are with those affected.